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Peace Promise Consulting is an international company dedicated to the goal of peace. We approach this goal by building long lasting peaceful environments and creating positive relationships.

Our conflict resolution team is ready to assist you in finding collaborative ways to achieve peaceful resolution and understanding.

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Peace and conflict are our everyday reality. Conflict can have the power to disrupt our relationships, values, tasks, processes, and environments. You don’t have to do fight conflict alone.

Our peace professionals will meet you with neutrality and assist you with mediation, and resolution of the conflicts. We hear the voices and opinions of all parties involved in the conflict and facilitate communication between parties. We will use conflict resolution methods to pave the way for peace.

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Makaya Revell

Meet the Founder

Makaya Revell was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His parents were government professionals, and he and his four younger brothers grew up in a country where the danger of violence and death was an everyday reality. He was just 11 years old when the current civil war began, and when he turned 16 the conflict touched his own family and he fled to the United States to seek asylum. Two years later he was adopted by Doctors Alvin and Elizabeth Revell.
Makaya received his B.A. in International Relations from York College of Pennsylvania in 2015, receiving numerous awards including induction into Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Honor Society and selection for Who’s Who Among Students In American Colleges & Universities.

More About Makaya

In 2017 he received his M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University, where he received The Pat and Jerry Mische Family Scholarship for demonstrating potential to make a significant contribution to peace and conflict resolution in Africa. In 2020 Makaya was a recipient of the Youth Heroes Award from the International Association of Youthand Students for Peace. In 2012, to honor his biological mother Marie Mambu Makaya, Makaya created a nonprofit called the Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation to assist orphans of war in Congo DRC. The Foundation now has an orphanage in Kinshasa and has provided assistance to thousands of orphans.

Makaya with a graduation cap posing with his family
An audience clapping at a meeting

An Experienced Public Speaker

Makaya has been a frequent speaker at local high schools, colleges, and community groups on various topics centering on human rights and the consequences of conflict. In 2017 he gave a TedX talk, “Giving a Chance to a Refugee,” at American University. He is a fluent speaker of five languages: French, English, Lingala, and Kiyombe in addition to his native language of Kikongo.

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Our Team

Elizabeth Revell - Member of Peace Promise Consulting

Elizabeth S. Revell, Ph.D.
Associate 1

Dr. Revell has spent thirty-five years teaching at the graduate level and providing continuing education.

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Mary Higgins - Member of Peace Promise Consulting

Mary Higgins
Associate 2

Mary Higgins is an educator with more than forty years of professional experience.

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Douglas Mackenzie - Member of Peace Promise Consulting

Douglas MacKenzie
Associate 3

Mr. MacKenzie is a mentor and respected member of his community and an accomplished individual.

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Kobie Mickenzie - Member of Peace Promise Consulting

Kobie Mickenzie
Associate 4

For more than 29 years Mrs. Kobie Mickenzie has dedicated herself to serving others and her community.

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Melissa Guyer - Member of Peace Promise Consulting

Melissa Guyer
Associate 5

Melissa Guyer served as a teacher and school counselor for 25 years.

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