Building long lasting peace with our community and service members

Hellam Township Police Department demonstrated to us that their police duties include safeguarding freedom, preserving life and property, protecting the constitution, and maintaining respect for the rule of law.
Someone called the police on me today. They complained that I was blowing grass onto the road while cutting grass. Even before the officer who was dispatched stopped to talk to me, he told the caller that our  township doesn’t have an ordinance against grass on the road. While interacting with the officer I called friends and neighbors for support. Gloria Rohlfing, Denise and Jeff Horn came to observe the situation.
Later mom and I went to the township police department to speak with chief Doug Pollock. We were warmly welcomed, and chief Pollock and officer Mike gave us a two hour tour of their new facility.
Chief Pollock displayed compassion, sound judgement, and problem-solving skills while talking to mom and me. We felt safe and seen by the Hellam Township Police Department today. It was a positive experience and teachable moment for all of us. The police are not public enemies. It’s the public who is often the source of conflict. I would have wished that this neighbor who called the police had instead come and talked to me as a fellow human being. Many people, including police officers, have died or suffered because of this type of call.
My family has lived in this neighborhood for 31 years, and I strongly believe that this is the safest and friendliest neighborhood one can ask for.
The Hellam Township Police Department of Pennsylvania gets A+

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