E56 Makaya Revell Pt. 2 – “The Seeker”

Episode 56 on JMC is with a familiar guest Makaya Revell. Makaya joins me for a second time but this time we got to talk in person at my home. I spoke with Makaya back in early 2022 via a zoom interview about his journey as an unaccompanied minor seeking asylum in the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo at the age of 16 in 2002. I recommend you checking that episode out (e16) on Spotify, iHeart or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Just look up The Journeyman Chronicles.

This time Makaya joins me to discuss his recent success of finally being granted amnesty in the US after a 20 year fight! We also talk about his experience in the detention center he was kept in as he explains in more detail the frustration, depression and angst he felt while being separated from his family.

You can visit The Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation ⁠here⁠. https://www.makayafoundation.org/

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