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Application for Asylum in the US Granted

After 20 years of fighting the immigration system, my application for asylum in the US was granted today. To my parents, family, friends, supporters, and most particularly my wonderful Lawyer, Bridget Cambria, and her team at ALDEA, today’s victory belongs to you. Mom, your active love, loyalty, and grace made this day possible. I am […]

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of Aldea: the People’s Justice Center.

In the last five years, Aldea has defended and united many families from around the world who are seeking protection in the United States.   What Aldea does best:   We provide quality pro bono legal and social services to vulnerable detained and free immigrant populations throughout Pennsylvania, and we offer universal pro bono representation […]

Peace Promise Consulting and Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation. Celebrated the 24th annual sheep-shearing event.

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! We had friends and supporters, some of whom came a far distance to be a part of things. We had basketball, lawn games, lots of good food, music, and of course our wonderful animals who interacted with the crowd. The success of the day came from the power […]

Building long lasting peace with our community and service members

Hellam Township Police Department demonstrated to us that their police duties include safeguarding freedom, preserving life and property, protecting the constitution, and maintaining respect for the rule of law.   Someone called the police on me today. They complained that I was blowing grass onto the road while cutting grass. Even before the officer who […]

Mental Health Awareness by Dr. Elizabeth S. Revell

Even before the pandemic, the US was experiencing a sharp increase in the numbers of people suffering from mental illness. Depression and anxiety, the most commonly experienced mental illnesses, are rife. Over 19% of Americans are currently suffering from anxiety disorders, and roughly 10% are suffering from major depression. Of all these, less than half […]

Open House sponsored by Keystone Business Alliance, Central Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

Mary Higgins and I represented Peace Promise Consulting at yesterday’s Open House sponsored by Keystone Business Alliance, Central Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce.   We are very grateful to Keystone Business Alliance for the warm welcome they extended to Peace Promise Consulting. Our mission is to build long lasting peaceful environments and to create positive […]

The Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation Will Celebrate its 10 Years of Defending and Protecting Human Rights

The Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation will celebrate its 10 years of defending and protecting human rights. Tomorrow we will celebrate our 10th anniversary with our members.   The Foundation is partnering with Peace Promise Consulting, Aldea The People’s Justice Center, and the Center for School and Communities to raise awareness of the conditions of refugees […]