The Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation Will Celebrate its 10 Years of Defending and Protecting Human Rights

The Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation will celebrate its 10 years of defending and protecting human rights. Tomorrow we will celebrate our 10th anniversary with our members.
The Foundation is partnering with Peace Promise Consulting, Aldea The People’s Justice Center, and the Center for School and Communities to raise awareness of the conditions of refugees and immigrants.  A particular focus this month is on the struggle of refugee children, many of whom do not speak English, to obtain an education, as well as the overall journeys of refugees and their families.
I will be a keynote speaker at the 2022 Pennsylvania Department of Education’s National English Language Development Conference on April 7, 2022! This virtual event is FREE and there is still time to register!
On Wednesday, April 20, 2022 Peace Promise Consulting will join with Aldea The People’s Justice Center at Albright College for a panel discussion focused on the journey of refugees, the barriers they face, and the huge benefits they bring to our society. This event is in person at Albright, and attendees may also participate virtually. For further information, contact Peace Promise Consulting at 717-793-0805.

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